We are pleased to announce the return of the Pennsylvania Tax Institutes, Inc. (PTI) 2021 Tax Practitioner National Income Tax Workshops, including the annual Land Grant University (LGUTEF) “2021 National Income Tax Workbook”.

PTI, Inc. Federal Income Tax Course Offerings

All of our federal income tax courses are based on the 700+ page LGUTEF National Income Tax Workbook.

Group Live Seminars
2 Day ~ 16 Hours

This two-day (16 credit hour) Group Live seminar will provide the latest in-depth and up-to-date training on new tax law and regulations using the LGUTEF Workbook.

Taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors, the seminar also includes the 700+ page LGUTEF Workbook, as well as online subscription, with lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments.

Other Group Live Seminars
1 Day ~ 8 Hours

Sessions Completed 2021

This one-day (8 credit hour) Group Live seminar will focus on the legislation passed to mitigate the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attendees at this session will receive the CCH Master Tax Guide Special Edition Handbook (retail value of $159.00).

Mark Ribas, a CPA with over 38 years of experience with the IRS, will be the lead speaker for these seminars.

Live Webinars
2 Day ~ 16 Hours

This two-day (16 credit hour) Live Webinar will deliver the same content as presented in the Group Live seminars for those unable to attend a Group Live seminar in person.

All attendees will receive a complimentary on-line subscription to the LGUTEF Workbook.

If a hardcopy is desired, attendees may purchase the LGUTEF Workbook as well.

Other Live Webinars
1 ~ 3 Hours

Throughout the year, PTI Inc will offer Live Webinars (1 to 3 hours) on a variety of topics.

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