Success Stories from Our Students!

You put together the best CE.  I have attended CE since 1984 and yours is the best content and delivery.  The pace in which you cover material and the friendly nature of all the presenters is perfect!

– Jack M

An excellent job of converting the 2020 two-day tax education into a virtual experience because of COVID.  Thanks again for being a superb provider of continuing tax education!

– James B
Always appreciate your support!  Your course is my first choice.  Great power points and always thoughtful explanations so that I do not have to read the material twice!– Susan P

I attended your webinar in December 2020 and it was outstanding!  This is the third year that I have attended your presentation and you never disappoint.  I love all the “extra” information!

– CJ R

Great seminar!  You are not allowed to retire.  How would we get through tax season without your insight?

– Joan F
If there were an Oscar for “Providers of Continuing Education,” PTI Inc would win hands down!  Thank you for all the information you find time to share with your students.  I am having smoother sailing because of your conscious efforts and updates.– Roberta A

The webinar was very well run and timely.  This is the type of educational product that I have come to expect from PTI and Mark Ribas.  I was not disappointed!


I found your seminar to be excellent guidance.  Thanks for your continuous guidance through all this (COVID) craziness!

– Monica G